Tanya at Prime Minister’s Science Awards

Tanya was thrilled to be awarded the Malcolm McIntosh Physical Scientist of the Year Award saying “I had a tremendous time – it was truly wonderful being able to celebrate this success with my family & so many people I know and to meet so many inspiring people, including the other prize winners!”

PM Prize Group

We at the CoEP are proud of Tanya’s success and thrilled to be working with her.

For more information, including a short video, please go to:



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  1. […] My google alert for things related to my work at Prof Tanya Monro’s Centre of Expertise in Photonics just turned up a hitherto undiscovered little gem – a podcast by Richard Chirgwin called ‘a series of tubes’. Richard asks some very insightful questions that bring out some interesting points about ‘extreme regime’ physics, the multidisciplinary nature of the centre and ways future applications might tie back into telecommunications. The interview begins with congratulations for Tanya’s recent award. […]

  2. […] Congratulations Tanya and great work team CoEP. […]

  3. […] series of tubes” podcast in which Richard Chirgwin interviews Prof Tanya Monro shortly after being awarded physical scientist of the year. Great interview that moves on to cover some of the basic science […]

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